Baby Needs Health and Safety

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CBC1 - Just Born cotton sleep sack with owls, 0-6 months, has some wash wear
CBC1 - Lulujo white muslin security blanket (small so baby can hold) with owls, good condition
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CMCRD1 - Just One You jersey baby blanket with popsicles, good condition
CMCRD1 -GroCompany pink patterned sleep sack ,0-6 months, 1.0 TOG, good condition
MAL2 - The Gro Company "Gro Bag" sleep sack with elephants, 2.5 TOG, 0-6 months, a little wash wear
MAL2 - Halo grey fleece sleep sack with dogs, 18-24 months, good condition
MAL2 - Halo green fleece sleep sack with lizards, 18-24 months, good condition
MAL2 - Wee Urban light blue sleep sack with deer, 18-36 months, has a little wash wear
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JD1 - NEW - Garanimals 4-pack of receiving blankets
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KV3 - Perilimpinpin pink minky sleep sack, 2.4 TOG, 6-12 months, some wash wear on inner lining
CK12 - Brica day pack / toddler harness (leash part not pictures but included), good condition
MHW33 - Halo pink fleece sleep sack with owl, 18-24 months, feet can be tucked in or out, a little wear
MHW33 - Halo pink patterned swaddle sleep sack, 0-3 months, good condition
DS2 - Hevea natural rubber pacifier, good condition
DS2 - Wee Urban aqua coloured sleep sack with giraffes, 6-18 months, small mark on front and slight wash wear
DS2 - Munchkin dishwasher basket (for bottle parts, etc), good condition
MHW1 - Swaddle Me pink swaddle with stars, 7-14 lbs, good condition
LLIS11 - North States diamond mesh wooden baby gate, good condition - local pick up or delivery only
CM1 - Halo pink floral sleep sack, 6-12 months, a little wash wear
CM1 - White muslin blanket, good condition
WM1 - Baby sunglasses, good condition
KSTW11 - Blankets and Beyond minky baby travel pillow, good condition
CHLSC1 - Green minky blanket with flannel backing, a little wear on flannel side