Boys 6-12 Months Sleepwear

12 results
DS1 - Kyte Baby green bamboo blend sleep sack, 0.5 TOG, 6-18 months, small mark on back but otherwise no wear
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SL3 - Pekke blue cotton sleeper with cars, 12 months, a little wear
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KSMT2 - NEW with tags - Carters green zippered fleece sleeper with animals, 9 months
MW4 - Pekkle yellow cotton sleeper with elephants, 6 months, good condition
CBC2 - Carters red fleece sleeper with moose, 9 months, good condition
CBC2 - Carters grey and white striped zippered fleece sleeper with penguin, 9 months, very slight wear
RH1 - Carters blue zippered fleece sleeper with football theme, 6-9 months, wash wear
NKLB2 - Pekkle yellow sleeper with monkeys, 6 months, good condition
KRUTH2 - Tuffy blue polka dot zippered cotton sleeper, 6 months, very slight wear
KRUTH2 - Pekkle teal cotton sleeper with dragons, 9 months, a little wash wear
KRUTH2 - Blue zippered cotton Winnie the Pooh sleeper, 6-12 months, good condition
SL4 - Pekkle cotton sleeper with frogs, 9 months, good condition