Boys Size 6 Tops

15 results
AWLS1 - Under Armour fooler shirt, approx size 6, good condition
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CHAM1 - Carters black and grey striped long sleeved shirt, size 6, slight wear
Sold Out
KL1 - Red Cars t-shirt, distressing seems intentional, size 6X, good condition
AWLS1 - Children's Place grey "Wifi" shirt, size 5/6, has some wear on cuffs
AWLS1 - Tommy Hilfiger black rugby style shirt, size small (6/7ish), good condition
MF2- Osh Kosh red shirt with reversible sequin snake, size 6, has some wear
CHAM1 - Old Navy white and turquoise plaid button down short sleeved shirt, size small (6/7ish), good condition
CHAM1 - Osh Kosh blue and green plaid flannel button down shirt, size 6, a little wash wear
MR1 - Carters red t-shirt with baseball theme, size 6, good condition
OAG1 - Reebok BC Lions jersey shirt, size 5/6, good condition
FRESH THREADS - Custom yellow "Mountains" t-shirt, size 6.  Made in house on a NEW garment
REFRESHED THREADS - Custom upcycled t-shirt with paper boat, size 6
FRESH THREADS - White t-shirt with boombox, youth size small (6/7ish) - new garment made in house at Pea shoots
REFRESHED THREADS - Forest green "Space Jam" t-shirt, size 6X.  Custom upcycled garment
REFRESHED THREADS - Upcycled marled orange t-shirt with turtle, size 6.