Girls 6-12 Months Sets

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SWT1 - Osh Kish pink denim bib dress with matching floral print onesie, 9 months, slight fading on dress
SWT1 - Carters camouflage dress with diaper cover and matching sweater, 9 months, a little wear on sweater
SWT1 - Carters pink cotton hoodie with matching floral pants, 12 months, good condition
KO1 - Navy polka dot 3pc set with anchors - various sizes
KO1 - NEW - Pink pink striped 3pc set, 6-12 months
SH1 - Genuine Kids floral top with matching denim shorts, 12 months, good condition
CCD11 - NEW - Little Cuties 2pc tutu set, 6-12 months
JKZ1 - Pekkle 2pc hoodie set with cow, 9 months, slight wash wear
SHB1 - Maggie and Zoe pink and navy 2pc set, 12 months, good condition
TB11 - Carters pink and black 2pc onesie set with cupcakes, 9 months, slight wear
TB1 - Gymboree 2pc tank set with frozen treats, 6-12 months, good condition
BSEN1 - Pink "Guess How Much I Love You" 3pc set, 6 months, LOOKS NEW
BSEN1 - Carters 3pc onesie set with strawberry "Sweet", 9 months, good condition
BSEN1 - Tahari navy cotton coat with floral eyelet detail with matching pink pants and top, 6-9 months, very slight wear
BSEN1 - Little Me navy and white 3pc set with birds, 9 months, good condition
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