Girls Size 10-12+ Tops

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TMAY1 - Garage green plaid button down shirt, youth size XS, good condition
TMAY1 - Sears black t-shirt with stars, size medium (8-10ish), good condition
CH1 - Joe navy t-shirt with bows, size 10-12, good condition
CH1 - Gap pink long sleeved top with flowers, size 10, good condition
TDWN1- George white top with ruffles with silver sparkles throughout, size 10/12, good condition
TDWN1 - Justice black and turquoise patterned cropped tank top, size 12, good condition
EMIN1 - Ambiance Apparel brown bodysuit, size small (maybe 8-10 years), slight wear
LN1 - Athletic Works yellow tank top, size 10/12, good condition
LN1 - Garcia Jeans grey acid wash style button down shirt, size 12, good condition
LN1 - George green t-shirt with avocados, size 10-12, good condition
VGRAS - Old Navy floral print ribbed tank top, size large (10ish), good condition
EM1 - George black "Love" shirt, size 14, good condition
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