Girls Size 6 Outerwear

9 results
NEW - West Coast Bugs (Victoria-based) neoprene gloves
NEW (Boutique Item) Splashy PURPLE one piece rain suit, various sizes
LWR1 - Gap cream coloured fleece lined hooded vest, size 6/7 good condition
Sold Out
NEW - Tuffo (makers of Muddy Buddy rain suit) Adventure Rain Pants, BLACK, various sizes
AG1 - Westbound pink windbreaker jacket, size 6, good condition
TZ3 - Girls Rule black faux fur coat, size 6X, good condition
AW1 - Children's Place grey and purple cotton hoodie, size 5/6, good condition
AHJ2 - Mountain Warehouse yellow cotton hoodie, size 5/6, good condition
MWALT1 - Please Mum striped knit poncho, size medium (maybe 5/6), good condition