Girls Size 8/9 Tops

17 results
AWD1 - Gap navy polka dot top, size 8, LOOKS NEW
AWD1 - Joe grey cotton top with ruffles, size 8, slight wear
CHAM1 - Nevada purple plaid tunic, size 7/8, good condition
CHARS1 - Gap lightweight top with hearts, size 8, good condition
CHARS1 - Joe pink hooded sweatshirt, size 8, a little wear
CHARS1 - Justice pink tank top with sequins, size 8, good condition
JHS11 - Children's Place plaid tunic top, size 7/8, good condition
NEW (Boutique Item) - Pink ballet bodysuit / unitard, size 7/8 - fits true to size
REFRESHED THREADS - Blue upcycled tank top with starfish, size 8. Made in house.
REFRESHED THREADS - Grey custom "Vancouver Island" t-shirt, size 7/8.  Made on an upcycled garment
REFRESHED THREADS - Navy "It Will Bee OK" top, size 7/8.  Made on an upcycled garment.
REFRESHED THREADS - Pink t-shirt with flower and butterflies, size small (7/8ish) - made on an upcycled garment
REFRESHED THREADS - Plum coloured "Space Jam" shirt, size 8-10. Custom upcycled garment.
SG1 - Abercrombie and Fitch white t-shirt, size small (maybe 8-10ish), good condition
SG1 - Extreme grey and pink quick dry shirt, size 7/8, good condition
SG1 - NEW - Children's Place white cold shoulder top, size 7/8
SG1 - Old Navy pink light and flowing tunic top, size 8, good condition