Rain Gear Consignment

18 results
JJ2 - Free Country camouflage fleece lined water resistant jacket, size 10/12, good condition
Sold Out
AG1 - Floral rain boots, size 12, slight wear
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AG1 - Floral rain boots, size 13, good condition
Sold Out
AG1 - OAKI yellow one piece rain suit, size 6/7, a few marks on front but inner seams, etc are in great shape
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AG1 - Kids umbrella with clouds, good condition except for a few marks on handle
Sold Out
NB2 - MEC rain coat with alligators, 12 months, has some marks on front but was too cute not to list
Sold Out
SHTO1 - London Fog pink floral patterned jersey lined rain coat, 3X, a few marks on front but overall in decent shape
KSM2 - Krikets purple 2pc fleece lined rain suit, 18 months, good condition
NB1 - Athletic Works navy jersey lined rain pants, 18 months, good condition
EM8 - XMTN blue striped fleece lined rain coat, size 6/6X, good condition
MH1 - Yellow rain boots, size 7, well loved but soles still in pretty good shape
SCUT2 - George pink checked jersey lined rain coat with fairies, 12 months, good condition
RM2 - Pink rain boots, size 7, slight wear
LC1 - Carters fleece lined leopard print rain coat, 4T, very slight wear at cuffs
AHJ2 - Black polka dot rain boots, size 7/8, slight surface wear
AHJ1 - Joe pink splash pants, 3T, good condition
CHYSLP1 - Purple rain boots, size 3, good condition
CHEAD2 - Black rubber boots, youth size 5, has some surface staining but otherwise in good shape