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    About Pea Shoots

    Pea Shoots is a store run by a mom FOR moms (and busy Dads too).  

    At home with a 5 month old baby and another on the way, I was frustrated by the lack of options for buying used baby clothing and kids' gear online locally.  I barely had time to eat let alone scour every store in hopes they had what I needed.  The financial cost and environmental impact of buying all the items I needed new didn't seem like an option either so Pea Shoots was born.  It started as a few totes under the stairs in my house and order packing happening in the middle of the night in between feeding the baby.  Now, much to Mr. Pea Shoots' dismay (lol), the store takes up two large rooms of our house and is extremely busy! It's challenging balancing work and home but my commitment and love for the store keeps me going on the hard days.

    The store houses a collection of curated new in package items and quality preloved items for children aged newborn to 14 years.  New (to you) stock is added daily so if we don't have what you are looking for today, we likely will tomorrow!

    Flexible pick up and delivery options plus flat rate shipping anywhere in Canada means you can get what you need at an affordable price when it's convenient for you!

    Thanks for shopping with Pea Shoots and participating in the circular fashion economy.