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    Consignment Agreement

    Pea Shoots Consignment Consignor Contract

    Effective Feb 26, 2023     




    Consignor Contact Information











    Phone Number:





    Please circle what you prefer happens to your unsold items at the end of your consignment terms:


    DONATE UNSOLD ITEMS           or       PICK UP UNSOLD ITEMS (must be done within 7

                                                             days or items will be donated)


    Items not picked up after 7 days from email notification become store property to be donated or resold at the discretion of Pea Shoot Consignment.



    The Consignor acknowledges items are being placed for sale on a consignment basis, under the following terms and conditions of this agreement: You, the Consignor:


    -Agree to only bring items in excellent used condition with no rips, stains, visible wear and in modern condition.


    -Agree to wash and launder items prior to drop off (including toys)


    -Agree to bring only the seasons requested at the time of your appointment


    -Agree to pack your items in plastic totes with lids or cardboard boxes.  Items in plastic bags will not be accepted. Please include your name and contact information on each box you drop off.


    -Agree to pick up items deemed not suitable for the store within 7 days of contact  Items not picked up become store property to be donated or resold.





    Your items will be listed on the website for 6 weeks.  Pea Shoots Consignment reserves the right to list your items on other websites such as Ebay, Poshmark, etc.


    Payouts are 50% of the selling prices (after fees if applicable) and are paid by e-transfer at the end of your consignment terms.  Consignors can also revert their profits to store credit to be used at a later date.  Store credit never expires.


    You will be notified by email when your items are completed.  You will have 7 days to arrange pick up of your unsold items.  Items left longer than 7 days will become store property to be donated or resold at the discretion of Pea Shoots Consignment.


    Pea Shoots Consignment reserves the right to:


    -Accept or decline items we deem appropriate for the store


    -Determine the selling price of any items based on demand, age, condition, etc


    -Change the price of items at any time (sales, etc)


    -Donate items left by consignor longer than 7 days after notification











    Items Acceptable For Consignment


    -Modern items in excellent condition free of rips, stains, visible wear


    -Toys, games, books and puzzles in excellent condition and with no missing parts


    -Baby items (for larger items please check with us that we have the space before dropping of)






    Items NOT accepted for Consignment


    -Adult Clothing

    -Housewares (unless applicable to children)

    -Car Seats

    -Crib bumper pads (unless mesh)

    -Used Helmets

    -Recalled Items

    -Items with broken or missing parts

    -Unclean items



    I, the consignor, have read and agree to the conditions and terms of this contract.









    -  -

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