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    5 Clothing Care Tips

    By Emily Meyer  •  0 comments  •   1 minute read

    5 Clothing Care Tips

    Whether you are buying secondhand or new, there are simple ways to care for your clothing to keep them nice for longer (and in great shape to pass on or consign later.)


    1) Buy the best quality you can afford.  Better made items with last longer, shrink less, keep their colour and generally hold up longer.


    2) Use LESS detergent.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Replace half your detergent with baking soda.  Baking soda will help boost the power of your detergent.


    3) Treat stains BEFORE drying.  I love Buncha Farmers stain stick which I sell in my store but there are lots of great ones on the market.  Treat stains early and absolutely do not dry them until the stain has come out. 


    4) STOP overloading your washer.  Stuffing too much in your machine doesn't allow for proper movement and cleaning of the clothes. It's also a good habit to wash your clothes inside out. 


    5) Hang items to dry if possible.  Lie sweaters flat to dry and reshape them while wet.  Fold heavier items like sweaters to store instead of hanging....sweaters can stretch from their own weight when hung up.


    What are your tips for making your clothed last longer?  Let me know and we can include them in a future blog post.  

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