Making Sense of Children's Clothing and Shoe Sizes

Making Sense of Children's Clothing and Shoe Sizes

Every parent reaches the fashion milestone where they stand in a store scratching their head wondering what the heck the difference between a 24 month and 2T shirt is. I am no math whiz but the last I checked 24 months and 2 years old is the same, no?

Well, yes and no. Clothing with these labels are designed for kids of a certain age but with some major differences. 24 months is considered a "baby" size and as such the actual look of the clothes may appear more babyish in nature. They will be wider and rounder to accommodate things like diaper butt and those adorable baby rolls. Clothes with the 24-month label will likely have more snaps for easier diaper changes, etc.

Clothing labelled as 2T will be less wide than its 24-month counterpart, may appear slightly less babyish in style and may have things like adjustable waists and other features more useful to an upright standing and walking toddler.

Another head scratcher is the 6 vs 6X sizing. These are actually two separate sizes and are more prevalent in girls clothing that boys due to typical growth spurt patterns.

A size 6X is usually one inch wider and two inches longer than a size 6 and is considered the halfway mark between a size 6 and 7.

Lastly, let's talk shoes, specifically whether a toddler size 13 and youth size 1 shoe is the same. They are sometimes marketed as interchangeable but are in fact two separate sizes. Size 13 marks the final stage in the toddler shoe phase and Size 1 is the first stage of the big kid or youth sized shoes.

Now after some fashion education, why not go get your shop on in the store. :)


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