Boys Footwear

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LC1 - Converse orange-red high top shoes, size 8, good condition
Sold Out
LC1 - Keen light green waterproof sandals, sizes like an 8/8.5, good condition
Sold Out
SWT1 - Old Navy brown sandals, 12-18 months, good condition
SWT1 - Joe grey soft soled booties, sizes like a 3, good condition
AHJ2 - Old Navy brown sandals, 18-24 months, good condition
AHJ2 - NEW - Toms chocolate brown canvas shoes, size 10
MG1 - Grey patterned flip flop sandals, sizes like an 11, good condition
MG1 - Flip flop sandals with palm trees, says size 8 but looks more like a 10, good condition
MG1 - George sandals with flames, size 9, has some wear
MC1 - Lugz denim look hightop shoes, size 5, good condition - retail for $60 new
TD2 - Osh Kosh blue sandals, size 9, good condition
TD2 - Athletic Works water / beach shoes, size 9.5, good condition
JJ1 - Umbro cleats, youth size 1, good condition
DJ1 - Joe blue soft soled shoes with palm leaves, size 4, good condition
MR1 - Osh Kosh navy sandals, size 11, good condition
HF2 - Superman slippers, size 7/8, good condition
HF2 - Smart Fit brown closed toe sandals, size 5.5, good condition
HF2 - Teeny Toes brown closed toe sandals, size 4, very slight wear
HF2 - Wolfe Island sport sandals, size 4, good condition
HF2 - Cougar sandals, looks like a size 6, good condition
HF2 - Joe blue closed toe sandals, size 5, good condition
HF2 - George sandals with lizards, size 3, good condition
HF2 - Spider-man beach / water shoes, size 6, slight wear at toes
HF2 - Athletic Works grey beach / water shoes, size 7/8, good condition
HF2 - Children's Place navy and orange beach / water shoes, size 7, good condition
LN2 - Converse blue canvas shoes, size 8, good condition
LN2 - Joe navy high top shoes, size 8, good condition
JDB2 - Etnies running shoes, youth size 3, good condition
CBRAD1 - NEW - Joe navy running shoes, size 9
VKB2 - Athletic Works grey and blue running shoes (stoplight on side lights up), size 9, good condition
VB1 - Soft soled cowboy booties with fringes, sizes like a 2, good condition
VB1 - Children's Place white Croc-style shoes, 6-12 months, has surface staining but soles in good shape
VB1 - CG navy running shoes, size 3, good condition
VB1 - Jack and Lily white leather shoes, 12-18 months (size 5/5.5), very slight wear
Sold Out
SH1 - Toms shoes (blue), size 9, has some wear at toes
JP11 - Blue and grey Croc-style shoes, size 6, good condition
69 results
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