Boys Footwear

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CL3 - Brown hightop shoes, youth size 4, good condition
CL3 - Converse grey and black canvas shoes, youth size 4, good condition
CL3 - Chaco waterproof close toe sandals, youth size 5, good condition
CL3 - Blue rubber boots, youth size 5, good condition
CL3 - Lotto purple soccer cleats, youth size 1, good condition
CL3 - Keen sandals, adult size 5 (equivalent to youth size 3.5), good condition
CL3 - Converse pale green shoes, has been laundered but still have some surface stains, youth size 1
DZ4 - NEW - Grey and blue Croc style shoes - various sizes - see below
DM2 - Genuine moccasins, size like 6-12 months, good condition
HH11 - Navy genuine Croc shoes, youth size 3, good condition
SH11 - Converse black canvas shoes with velcro closure, size 10, very slight wear
SH11 - Navy flip flop sandals with beach theme, looks like a size 8/9, slight wear
SH11 - Skechers grey and orange running shoes, size 12, good condition
SH11 - Timberland boots, size 11, very slight wear at toes
SH11 - DC skate shoes, size 12, good condition
CSEB1 - Bear slippers, looks like a size 3, good condition
MWY2 - Joe silver soft soled shoes with bear, 12-18 months, good condition
DM1 - Saucony blue running shoes, size 10, good condition
DJ1 - Navy monster slippers with rubber soles, size 5/6, very slight wear
CBRAD3 - Pediped soft soled leather shoes, measure 5.25 inches from sole to sole, slight wear
SSTV1 - Reef flip flop sandals, youth size 4/5T, good condition
SSTV1 - Padraig slippers, sizes like a B7 (2 Years), good condition
KPK1 - Stride Rite brown suede running shoes, size 7.5, good condition
KPK1 - Blue Native brand shoes, size 5, good condition
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AWLS1 - Athletic Works navy water / beach shoes, size 11/12, good condition
AWLS1 - Timberland sport sandals, youth size 1, slight wear
AWIND1 - Athletic Works sandals with cushion foam insoles, youth size 1, good condition
LH2 - Converse black shoes with penguin, size 2, good condition
LH2 - Jack and Lily grey suede mocc style shoes, 0-6 months, slight staining
PS22 - George black dress shoes, size 11, good condition
FW1 - Tickle Toes sock shoes, size 6, good condition
FW1 - Joe brown side zipper boots, size 6, good condition
FW1 - Outbaks black and yellow leather boots, sizes like a 4, good condition
FW1 - Black and blue sandals, size 5/6, good condition
NBEN3 - Children's Place black dress shoes, size 7, very slight wear
CT1 - NEW - Carters black and orange sport sandals, size 11
77 results