Boys Footwear Size 4 (Baby)

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KV3 - Carozoo cream coloured soft soled leather boots, size like a 4, good condition
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KV3 - Stride Rite brown running shoes with Elmo, a little surface wear but soles still great, size 4.5M
NDLL2 - Carozoo black leather soft soled shoes with skulls, sizes like 18-24 months, good condition
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NDLL2 - Outbaks black soft soled shoes with elastic laces, sizes like a baby size 4, LOOK NEW
NDLL2 - Olive coloured faux suede soft soled boots, 9-12 months (size 3/4ish), good condition
NDLL2 - Old Navy black and grey soft soled shoes, 18-24 months (size 4ish), good condition
CM1 - Red leather soft soled shoes with First Nations art (possibly a frog - see next photo), measures 5.5 inches from sole to sole
SCLB1 - Handmade sheepskin slippers, measures 5 inches from sole to sole, good condition
SWHYT1 - Handmade slippers (not waterproof), approx 6-12 months, good condition