Boys Footwear Size 7

8 results
MI2 - Jack and Lily black leather shoes with skulls, 24 to 30 months, very slight wear
AW1 - Joe green monster slippers, size 6/7, a little wear
LSAW3 - Plaid slippers with rubber soles, say size 8 but but look more like a 6/7, good condition
LSAW3 - Old Navy camouflage shoes, size 7, good condition
LSAW3 - Osh Kosh navy and yellow closed toe sport sandals, sizes like a 7, good condition
KFSH1 - Puma grey and black running shoes, size 7, good condition
KFSH1 - Blue Croc style shoes with sharks, size 6/7, good condition
PS1 - Black Toms slip on shoes, size 7, slight wear