Girls Footwear Size 2 (Baby)

10 results
ESZ1 - Stonz fleece lined waterproof booties, size small (0-9 months) - LOOK NEW
Sold Out
CBC1 - Minimoc soft soled leather moccs, size 2, kind of a sage green in real life - LOOK NEW
CK1 - Pink soft sold cowboy boots, looks like 0-6 months, good condition - so cute!
MHW2 - Old Navy black soft soled gladiator style shoes, sizes like a baby size 2, good condition
MHW2 - Pink soft soled high top shoes with foxes, size 2, good condition
DS1 - Sheepskin Padraig style slippers, measures 4 inches from sole to sole, LOOK NEW
DBCH3 - Wee Walkers black patent leather shoes, size 2, good condition
SCLB1 - NEW - Pair of socks, looks like 0-6 months
SCLB1 - Handmade sheepskin slippers, measures 5 inches from sole to sole, good condition
VB3 - Stride Rite pink leather soft soled shoes with flowers, size 2, good condition