Girls Footwear Size 3 (Baby)

8 results
MWALL1 - Huppa pink booties, look like 6-12 months, good condition
MWALL1 - Umi soft soled leather shoes with rubber pads on soles, 9-12 months, good condition
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ESZ1 - Padraig slippers, measures as a B3 (3 months), a little wear but lots of life left
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CHFF1 - So'Dorable buffalo plaid booties, approx 6-12 months, good condition
AMCK1 - Old Navy gold soft soled mocc shoes, 6-12 months, good condition
JMY1 - Outbaks black faux suede soft soled boots, approx size 3, good condition
JHS1 - Disney pink Minnie Mouse shoes, size 3, very slight wear
LH2 - Robeez grey and pink soft soled suede shoes, size 3, very slight wear (looks worse in photo)