Girls Footwear Size 4 (Baby)

11 results
ESZ1 - Sherpa brand fleece lined waterproof booties, made in Canada, 6-12 months, good condition - retail for $60 new
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ESZ1 - Stonz pink fleece lined waterproof booties with owls, size medium (6-12 months), good condition
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ESZ1 - Toms black polka dot shoes, size 4. good condition
CHFF1 - So'Dorable buffalo plaid booties, approx 6-12 months, good condition
CBRD4 - West Coast Mocs (Nanaimo based) soft soled leather shoes in "Nude", size 4, a little wear at toes
AMCK1 - Old Navy gold soft soled mocc shoes, 6-12 months, good condition
SG3 - NEW - Trio of "fluffy socks" 4-8 shoe size
JHS1 - Joe pink winter boots with faux fur trim, size 4, good condition
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AJRD2 - Joe knit soft soled boots, looks like size 4, good condition
OAG1 - Gymboree sandals, size 4, good condition
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CBRD2 - Barefoot Walking black mary jane style shoes, size 4, slight wear on bows but otherwise in great shape