Girls Footwear Size 4 (Baby)

14 results
KSM3 - Old Navy soft soled shoes with cats, 12-18 months, good condition
KSM3 - Jack and Lily grey leather boots with faux fur lining, 12-18 months, very slight wear
KSM3 - Champion purple running shoes, size 4, good condition
SD2 - Stride Rite pink shoes, size 4.5M, good condition
SD2 - Jack and Lily pink shoes with butterflies, 12-18 months, has some wear at toes
NCHRS1 - Koala slippers, approx toddler sized 4, good condition
BDP1 - Children's Place black soft soled dress shoes with bows, 6-12 months, good condition
SWT1 - Grey slippers with ears and minky lining, sizes like a 4/5 (toddler), good condition
SWT1 - Outbaks pink leather shoes with flowers, size 4, good condition
SCUT1 - Joe red glitter flats, size 4, good condition
BSEN2 - Old Navy gold soft soled shoes, 12-18 months, good condition
CBRAD1 - Brown reindeer slippers, size 3/4, good condition
CGYT1 - White cable knit booties, sizes like a 4, good condition
DJ1 - Grey Toms shoes, size 4, good condition