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CSAN4 - Red sweater vest with reindeer, 12 months, slight wear
CSAN4 - George plaid button down shirt with matching sweater vest, 12-18 months, good condition
TMAC3 - Little Miss red velvet dress, ties at back, 4T, good condition
AW1  - Froggy's Best Christmas, soft cover book, good condition
LLIS1 - Red and white striped footed cotton pants, 3 months, good condition
CSAN3 - George black vest, 3T, good condition
CSAN3 - Just One You red striped 2pc PJs with Santa, 12 months, good condition
CSAN3 - Just One You green 2pc PJs with Santa, 12 months, has some wash wear
CSAN3 - Children's Place green plaid button down shirt, 24 months, good condition
CSAN3 - Nevada black long sleeved shirt with tuxedo, 18 months, good condition
SR1 - Elmo's Night Before Christmas, board book, good condition
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HF5 - Joe fleece hat with antlers, 0-12 months, slight wear
CLYNN2 - Santa magnetic dress up set, missing a few pieces and has some wear but still pretty fun!
MP1 - Gap white leggings with bows, 12-18 months, good condition
CC2 - Golden Book soft cover book "The Christmas Sled", has some wear
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CTAY9 - NEW WITH TAGS - Chaps plaid button down shirt, size 10/12
CTAY9 - Gap gold ribbed tiered dress, size 4/5T, good condition
CTAY9 - Gap black polka dot skirt, 4T, good condition
CTAY9 - Gymboree red cable knit sweater dress, size 7, slight wear
CTAY9 - Gap red top with sequin heart, size 6/7, good condition
KS1- Grey polka dot bow tie, 12-24 months, good condition
KS1 - Striped adjustable neck tie, good condition
CC1 - Children's Place off white sweater dress with gold sparkle threading, 4T, good condition
MI5 - NEW - Owl Christmas stocking
KGIBB1 - Osh Kosh white dress shirt onesie, 6-9 months, good condition
KGIBB1 - George white onesie with red trim, 12-18 months, good condition
HF1 - George fleece "Santa Suit" sleeper, 12-18 months, good condition
VG3 - Carters red fleece sleeper with holiday theme, 3 months, very slight wear
VG4 - Joe white onesie with reindeer, 0-3 months, good condition
DZ33 - Knitworks pink plaid 2pc set, size medium (7/8ish), good condition
DZ33 - Faded glory red and white plaid flannel shirt with silver threading throughout, size 7/8, good condition
DZ33 - NEW WITH TAGS - Joe grey top with sequin star, size 10/12
KLNG3 - Old Navy black dress with tulle skirting, 2T, good condition
KLNG3 - Joe red polka dot zippered fleece sleeper with reindeer, 12-18 months, a little wash wear
AEB1 - George red and black formal dress, ties at back and has matching diaper cover, 18-24 months, good condition
AEB1 - George 3pc casual suit, 3-6 months, LOOKS NEW
73 results
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